ThermoPro Ionic Hair Dryer High-Speed, Low-Noise Drying Innovation

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Introducing the ThermoPro Ionic Hair Dryer, a revolution in hair drying technology. Featuring a powerful 150000 RPM high-speed brushless motor and advanced negative ion technology, this hair dryer offers fast drying with reduced frizz and static for smoother, shinier hair. Engineered for quiet operation, it ensures a peaceful drying experience without compromising performance. With thermo-control features to prevent overheating, it’s gentle on hair while still delivering powerful results. Complete with a diffuser and nozzle attachment, this hair dryer offers versatility for various styling needs. Treat yourself or someone special to the gift of effortlessly beautiful hair with the ThermoPro Ionic Hair Dryer.

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Everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful, and Cosy Companions is designed to help achieve that. A great hair day can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself.

Our hair dryer is not just a tool, but a statement of style and sophistication. With its innovative design and commitment to quality, Cosy Companions is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look and feel their best.

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  • Fast Drying: Cosy Companions diffuser hair dryer is equipped with a high speed brushless motor of 150,000RPM, upgraded high powered to provide powerful airflow with 36m/s wind speed to dry hair in a short time, which is 5x faster than traditional hair dryers. It takes only 2-5 minutes to dry hair. Fast blow dry hair feels awesome!!Diffuser
  • Negative Ionic Technology: Cosy Companions Ionic hair dryer can release 500 million negative ions during the blow-drying process, which can balance the static electricity in your hair and make your hair not frizzy in the slightest, but also effectively lock in moisture, nourish your hair, make your hair soft, fluffy and stylish, and give your hair a healthy and natural shine. Diffuser
  • Low Noise & Safe: This blow dryer with diffuser uses 8 layers of damping noise reduction technology, built-in high sound insulation into the air and the German PI sound-absorbing material layer. The noise is only 51db, so you won’t disturb others when you use it. Standard UL certified US ALCI safety plug provides better protection. Enjoy every moment of using your hair dryer!!Diffuser
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Cosy Companions professional hairdryer measures the air temperature over 100 times per second and regulates the heat through a high performance chip control system. Avoid overheating damage to your hair and protect your hair. Our hair dryer has 3 different LED lights built in, and you can turn the LEDs into different colors by switching the heat button. Red means hot air, yellow is warm air and green is cool air. Enjoy blow-drying your hair in comfort!!Diffuser
  • Lightweight and Portable: This is a sleekly designed lightweight and portable travel hair dryer with an ergonomic design weighing 0.82 lbs/373g. It has a comfortable grip and simple buttons. The tight filter does not allow hair to be sucked in. Equipped with a 360°rotating magnetic nozzle, it can meet the different needs of all hair lengths or hair types. Ideal for home and travel. Perfect as a gift for your family and friends! Diffuser (Design Patent Number:D991554S)

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11.98 x 4.69 x 4.38 inches; 13.12 ounces

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Nanyang Zhichuangyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

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#1 in Hair Dryer Diffusers

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10 reviews for ThermoPro Ionic Hair Dryer High-Speed, Low-Noise Drying Innovation

  1. Shefele

    Not noisy, but powerful! And small! This machine has 3 different modes. Room temperature, hot, and hotter! The light on the back indicates which setting it is set to. The machine is very powerful, and it dries hair really quickly! It also comfortable to hold, and easy to use. Highly recommend!

  2. Marcos Gutierrez

    I loved this blow dryer so much until the low setting stopped working lol. But I use mainly high and high cool so it’s ok. It’s powerful and dries hair quickly. Small and not bulky like some you see in stores or salons. I love that it’s sleek and smaller but still just as strong!

  3. Heather Hay

    I can’t tell you how many different blow dryers I have gone through in the past. I have very thick hair and usually it takes forever to dry. But with this hair dryer it takes half the time it usually would and also allows me to blow dry it straight without it getting frizzy. I absolutely love this. I also tried the diffuser that comes with it to do my hair it’s natural curly and it makes my curls looks so amazing and not frizzy at all. I wish I would’ve taken pictures to show. I highly recommend this hair dryer. It’s so light weight and powerful, with barely any sound too. I’m actually buying one for my mom for Mother’s Day too.

  4. Burcu Yucel

    This hair dryer is amazing! It dries my hair so quickly and leaves it feeling smooth and shiny. I love that it has multiple heat and speed settings, so I can customize it to my hair type. The diffuser attachment is also great for preventing frizz. I would definitely recommend this hair dryer to anyone looking for a powerful and versatile tool.

  5. edan cohen

    Absolutely love my new hairdryer! It’s powerful, lightweight, and dries my hair in record time. The multiple heat and speed settings are a game-changer. Plus, the sleek design looks great on my vanity. Definitely worth every penny!

  6. Samuel García

    This dryer has been a very good investment. It’s worth every dollar I spent on it. My wife is very happy. This dryer is very efficient. It is good for curly and straight hair and works very well. It is for multiple speeds and a few different functions. It’s incredible. It’s easy to travel with it because it’s light and portable. My wife has a lot of hair so she dries it quite quickly and now it takes less time to be ready.

  7. Priya

    Absolutely love this Hair Dryer It’s so light, and quiet. Gives you that salon quality look. It’s really great gift, for friends who deserve to have hair days. I love that it has multiple heat and speed settings. Must recommend.

  8. DanielleDanielle

    I was pretty hesitant about dropping so much $$ on a hair dryer because I don’t hair dry my hair super often (mostly because I’ve got long hair and it always takes forever!), and I don’t do much “fancy” to style my hair (it’s either just down, or up in a bun or pony). I’m more of a low-maintenance gal when it comes to beauty routines. BUT I got sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole (shoutout to the Blowout Professor) and learned an easy low maintenance blow drying routine that I could do 1x week and would pretty much leave me with “fancy” (sleek / blow dried) hair for 4 days straight and I really liked how it looked/feels! My old blow dryer was a good ol’ cheapo Revlon and it worked fine but it was HEAVY as heck (I work out regularly and blow drying my hair still would make my arm embarrassingly tired). Even when starting from mostly-air-dried hair, it would take at least 20 min to blow dry it.This drier is a major upgrade on several levels:* It’s a LOT lighter, meaning my arm doesn’t get sore/tired when blow drying* It’s significantly faster at drying my hair than any blow drier I’ve ever used* The magnetic nozzle attachments are fantastic! Super easy to throw on and adjust the angle to nozzle down the hair I’m drying and not frizz it out weird* It’s smaller, so I could actually choose to travel with it on vacation (not something I’ve done before, but would do with this if I was checking a bag)For folks curious about my hair “routine,” I’ve got chest-length medium-to-fine hair – but there’s a LOT of it (which is why blow drying used to be the bane of my existence):1. Shampoo x2 + Condition with Revlon Volume or All Soft (both have been great!)2. Towel dry and spray 4-5 spritzes of Pureology Color Fanatic Leave in Conditioner (this was another ugh-should-I-really-spend-the-money-on-this-product buys that was TOTALLY worth it – my hair has never felt softer!)3. Let air dry 50-80% of the way. To air dry my hair more evenly, I gather the top 2/3 of my hair into a messy bun so the bottom 1/3 is exposed to air dry for about 10 min. Then I let another 1/3 of the hair down (1/3 on top in the bun, 2/3 loose on the bottom drying) for another 10 min. Then I let the rest of it down to let the top 1/3 dry for about 10 min. So just 30 min of air drying gets me about 70% of the way to dry4. Section and blow dry! Some days I section the hair and blow dry from the bottom layers to the top, other days I flip my head upside down and blow dry from the surface/top layers ending with the bottom/underside layers – haven’t decided which I like more.With dry shampoo this gives me a nice blowout that lasts about 3-5 days, which means I can now do it once a week easy peasy.

  9. Danikrys

    Had this product for about 6 months. I really like it for many reasons. I like that the distance between the diffuser and the handle is short. It make it much less of a strain to hold for long periods of time. The cord is nice compared to others I have had and doesn’t kink. The diffuser stays on perfectly. The medium level heat is a touch hotter than I would like but hasn’t been a problem. I thought that the diffuser was maybe going to be too small (I have a lot of thick curly hair) but I actually really like it compared to the Segbeauty attachment I had on my previous dryer. My cons wouldn’t prevent me from repurchasing but I will mention them. Like I said the medium heat level could be a tad cooler. I wish the heat settings were a switch instead of a button style. I sometimes accidentally hit the button while using on medium setting which then turns to the very hot setting. When I need to use the cool setting I have to cycle through to get to it. Also, the medium and high setting light colors are so similar it’s hard to tell them apart unless I cycle though to make sure I’m on the right one. When this one dies I will most likely repurchase.

  10. Tom Bombadil

    The Cosy Companions hair dryer is lightweight but the best part… it’s super quiet while putting out a lot of power. It’s perfect for those early mornings when you don’t want to wake up the whole house. The hair dryer has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings, so you can adjust it to your hair type. While the hair dryer also comes with a concentrator nozzle for precise styling, I personally do not need it.My family loved the Cosy Companions hair dryer so much that we bought two more for my daughters. They love it because it’s lightweight and comes with all the difuser and the other attachments they need. Price-wise is a great deal for the quality of the product. I was able to buy three for the price of its brand name competitor. I highly recommend the Cosy Companions hair dryer to anyone looking for a great hair dryer that is lightweight, quiet, and powerful.

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ThermoPro Ionic Hair Dryer High-Speed, Low-Noise Drying Innovation
$ 92.00
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