testimonial 4

Sarah Davis​


Since I’ve been working with OnWeb Technologies for a few months, I can say with certainty that they have been crucial to the expansion of our company. They provide excellent assistance and customer service.


Although the basic components of customer support are in place, the challenge now is to continue improving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. To ensure the company's continued growth and success.



Aim for a 20% reduction in response time, bringing it down to an average of 19.2 hours within the next quarter.


Target a 10% reduction in the error rate, achieving a 4.5% error rate within the next six months.


Strive for a 25% increase in the implementation of client feedback, reaching a 55% implementation rate within the next year.


Plan to increase employee training participation by 30%, with 52% of employees undergoing regular training within the next year.

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