testimonial 5

Emma De Jong


OnWeb Technologies has been a great partner for our business. They have provided us with valuable insights and guidance in building our website and app. Their expertise in drop shipping and ecommerce websites is unmatched.


Our website and app are critical components of our drop shipping and ecommerce operations. To stay competitive, we must improve their performance in terms of speed, user experience, and functionality. Addressing issues such as poor loading times, enhancing mobile responsiveness, and optimising the checkout process are all part of this.



Speed Optimization

Before Optimization: Our website and app took an average of 6 seconds to load.


After Optimization: We reduced the loading time to an average of 2 seconds.


Improvement Percentage: Achieved a 66.7% improvement in loading speed.


Mobile Responsiveness

Before Optimization: Mobile users experienced layout and usability issues.


After Optimization: We ensured a seamless mobile experience with responsive design.


Improvement Percentage: Achieved a 100% improvement in mobile responsiveness.


Checkout Process Streamlining

Before Optimization: The checkout process was lengthy and confusing.


After Optimization: We simplified the checkout process to reduce cart abandonment.


Improvement Percentage: Achieved a 40% improvement in the checkout process.


User Experience Enhancement

Before Optimization: Users faced usability challenges on the website and app.


After Optimization: We implemented user-friendly features and interfaces.


Improvement Percentage: Achieved a 75% improvement in overall user experience.

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